We, at “SUN MOTOYAMA” offer you a special feeling as if you are “falling in love with something beautiful”.

Not only will you experience instant fascination upon seeing our goods, but also the special feeling and pull of your heart when you realize the craftsmen`s techniques, craftsmanship, and heart behind the goods.

Encounters with goods which arouse our curiosity also enrich our heart. We offer you a place for such encounters where goods become more than just objects, they become your partner to make your life more colorful. In this way, we nurture each “love story” with great care.

About Symbol

The logo of SUN MOTOYAMA symbolizes the birth of and aesthetic of Venus the gorgeous goddess of beauty and love. Our logo carries our wish to create beautiful lifestyles. This logo was designed by Luciano Minguzzi, one of the most talented Italian modern sculptors known for his work of the door of the Milan Cathedral.